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Saturday, July 4, 2020

2020 HSCA Annual Meeting Cancelled

The 2020 HSCA Annual Meeting held in conjunction with MVACA July 25-26, 2020, Kansas CityMO HAS BEEN CANCELED. Plan on attending the 2021 HSCA annual meeting in DenverCO in May, 2021.


The HSCA Western Regional High Standard Collectors Gun Show August 22-23, 2020 held in conjunction with the Oregon Arms Collectors annual two day show in Portland HAS BEEN CANCELED.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

High Standard Ship Dates

Steven Schrott says he will look up ship dates for High Standard Pistols from the factory records for HSCA members.

Send an email with the full serial  # , full description and Series (Letter, 101,102,106) and he will respond anytime. 

The email address will be sshistand65@gmail.com.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

2019 HSCA Annual Meeting, Billings, Montana

On September 6-8, 2019, The Montana Antique and Collectible Firearms Show was held in Billings, Montana. 
There were 9 displays judged by Jon Miller and Tom Bolander.
Members displaying:   Bill Reibe, Smokey Grant, Jerry Watson, Tom Horner, Jim Gray, Ken Rabeneck, Dave Lehman, Russ Gray, Bob Snider, and Doran Houk.  Members present at show:  Greg Markel, Gary Hooper, Marcia Mighell, Jon Miller, Bert Merkel, John Carter, Rex Poggenpohl, Warren Joyce, Bill Elliott, John Jamison, Tom Bolander, Brian Rebanzini and Jack Paulson.Guests and spouses present at show:  Cindy Carter, Laura Watson, Larry Vallad, Evelyn Maynard, Liz Lehman, Laura Horner, Trish Gray, Vickie Houk, Cathy Elliott, and Julia Joyce.

The Annual Meeting was held after the gun show closed on Saturday evening.  A number of important items were discussed and some new measures were enacted.  Minutes of the meeting will be published at a later date. 
Members ate dinner at a German Restaurant Friday evening and Steak Fry
Saturday evening (by Jim Gray). Steak fry involved putting steak on a
pitchfork and putting the steak into a kettle of hot oil for 2 to 3.5
minutes to cook it. We had fried mushrooms too. All delicious.  Good food and great fellowship were experienced by all. 

It was one of the largest members turnouts that HSCA has had in recent years.  The quantity and quality of displays at the show was superior to past years.


Click on the photos for larger size.

Jim Gray and his extensive HS display.
Dave Lehman and his display World War II High Standards (2nd place)

Marcia Mighell and Ken Rabeneck and his (KR) display HS Gold/Silver

Bill Riebe and his display Slant Grip Pistols (3rd place)

Judge scoring form

HSCA cake for steak fry dessert
Tom "Smokey" Grant and his display HS Revolvers/Derringers/Pistols

Doran Houk and his display HS Top of the Line (4th place)

Russ Gray at his table

Marcia Mighell at her table

Group Photo
Tom Bolander

Tom Horner and his display HS Presentation Guns

Jerry Watson and his display Early HS (1st place)

Rex Poggenpohl at table, Tom Horner and Jim Gray in background



Monday, September 2, 2019

HSCA Kansas City Show 2019

The HSCA participated in the Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association Show, July 27-28, 2019, at the KCI Expo Center, KC, MO.   The show was well attended and several association members had displays for the enjoyment of the show attendees.  Dan Rathgeber, and Dave Lehman each won a Judge's Award, and Jon Miller won 2 Judge's Awards for his 2 displays. 
Click on the photos for larger size.

  High Standard Trophy and Victor Pistols, by Bill Brown.

High Standard Pistols by DaveLehman, Judges Award Winner.

The Early Pistols  and the Post War Pistols, by Doran Houk.


Derringers by Ken Rabeneck. 


Olympic Pistols by Dan Rathgeber, Judges Award Winner. 

High Standard OSS Pistols by Jon Miller, Judges Award Winner.

Crusader Revolvers by Jon, Miller, Judges Award Winner. 




.22 Rifles made by High Standard for Sears, by Steve Schrott.

John Carter and Steve Schrott looking up details on firearms.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

2019 Northwest Regional Meeting

The Northwest Regional Meeting of the High Standard Collectors Association was held in conjunction with the Oregon Arms Collectors Annual two day Show at the Airport Holiday Inn in Portland, Oregon on Saturday August 24 and Sunday August 25.  This was the sixty-fifth Year for the Oregon Arms Collectors Show.

Members who attended the show were Jerry Watson, Smokey Grant, Gary Hooper, Bill Riebe Burt Merkel and Marcia Mighell. Guests with members were Tom Richards, Pat Batten and Larry Vallad, Will Kearney, and Dick Klocko.  Members who displayed were Smokey Grant, Jerry Watson, Gary Hooper and Bill Riebe.  There were as many members and guests at the Northwestern Regional meeting as attended the National Annual Meeting in 2018.

There was a good crowd both days and lots of camaraderie among the members and guests as well as trading High Standard information.  We had a surprise visit from a WWII Japanese soldier as shown in the accompanying photo.

Our annual Northwest Regional Business Meeting was held Saturday evening after the show closed.  We gathered in the meeting room at  Elmer’s Restaurant, to discuss several topics.
Double click the photos to view in larger size.
Bill Riebe displayed early Automatics describing take down types and models by color background.  

Gary Hooper displayed early Automatics models through all the Military Grip models.

Smokey Grant displayed Revolvers and Derringers along with his numerous High Standard related items.

Jerry Watson displayed Standard grip and Lettered models through 1950, along with their boxes and original paper on this table.

Jerry Watson displayed Pre High Standard and the “B” models along with their boxes and original paper on this table.
A visitor to the High Standard Sales Table.  A World War II Japanese Soldier in authentic military uniform, rifle and flag.


Saturday, July 27, 2019

HSCA Northwest Regional Schedule

To all Interested HSCA Members and Guests:

The HSCA Northwest Regional Meeting will be scheduled around the annual 2-day Oregon Arms Collectors Gun Show that takes place August 24th & 25th, 2019.  Venue for this great show is the Banquet Hall of the Portland Oregon Airport Holliday Inn.  Carpet on the floor, chandlers on the ceiling and the tables are pre covered with white linen, it doesn't get much better than that.  

Exhibitor Setup Friday, 8/23/19, Noon  to 8PM
Public Show Saturday, 8/24/19, 9AM to 5PM
Public Show Sunday, 8/25/19, 9AM to 3PM

For additional information, contact: Jerry Watson 503-339-6329 or  watsonlj500@msn.com

Host Hotel: Portland Oregon Airport Holiday Inn 844-335-5722 (ask for the special show rate)

 Schedule for HSCA members coming to town for the show:
Friday, 8/23/19
Exhibitor set up Noon-8pm
No Host informal dinner after displayers are set up, location to be announced.

Saturday, 8/24/19
No Host Dinner Meeting to discuss Association Business after the show closes, location to be announced.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

HSCA Midwest Regional - KC, MO

To all Interested HSCA Members and Guests,

The HSCA Midwest Regional Meeting will be scheduled around the 49th Annual MVACA Kansas City National Summer Arms Show that will take place July 27th & 28th, 2019.

MVACA Schedule
No activity Thursday, 7/25/19
Exhibitor Setup Friday, 7/26/19 10AM to 8PM
Public Show Saturday, 7/27/19 9AM to 5PM
Public Show Sunday, 7/28/19 9AM to 3PM
Host Hotel Holiday Inn KCI 816-801-8400
MVACA Show Director 816-873-1951
Additional Info: http://www.mvaca.org/
Location: 11730 N Ambassador Dr, Kansas City, MO 64153

Schedule for HSCA members coming to town for the show:

Thursday, 7/25/19 anytime or
Friday, 7/26/19 - 9AM to 12 Noon Visit Liberty Memorial WWI Museum. 
Website: https://www.theworldwar.org/

Thursday, 7/25/19
Dinner - Grunauer (German) 6:30PM.
Address: 101 W 22nd St, Kansas City, MO 64108 

Friday, 7/26/19
Exhibitor set up 10am-8pm
Lunch - Stroud's-North (fried Chicken) 1:30PM.
Address: 5410 NE Oak Ridge Dr, Kansas City, MO 64119 

Saturday, 7/27/19
Mexican Breakfast 7AM at Host/Carter's House. 
Dinner - Smokehouse (BBQ, Zona Rosa) 6:30 PM.
Address: 8451 NW Prairie View Rd, Kansas City, MO 64153 
Transportation available to and from airport and restaurants.
Some help will be available for table setup on Friday.

Please RSVP for the events you plan to attend to help me with reservations and planning.
John Carter
"Chairman" KC HSCA Midwest Regional Meeting

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Springtime in Tulsa

The World's Largest Gun Show was graced by the presence of over a dozen HSCA members and their family members.  Ken Rabeneck displayed and manned the HSCA table where John Hanks usually holds court.  John Missed this show.  Ken displayed a variety of older high Standard pistols and memorabilia including patches and printed material.  He received lots of attention from his display.
John Brewer and his cousin Bob Brewer were set up on the lower level as far from everybody as possible.  As ever a clever wit and raconteur of ribaldry, he pleased the crowd.  He also had several High Standard and other pistols for sale on his table.  The Brewers are the Improvisational mainstay of the lower level.
Besides Ken, Gary Balaz, John (probably our next newsletter editor) Carter, Warren and Julia Joyce, Dave and Liz Lehman, Stan Tieferman, Ken's brother Jimmie and his wife and Jon Miller scoured the show for bargains.
We ate at the legendary White River Fish Market on Thursday and Saturday because it is that good.  On Friday we dined at Margaret's german restaurant.  Lots of stories and information were passed around during dinner.
There were many High Standard pistols, rifles and derringers on the sale tables.  The older models like the H-D and H-E were well represented as well as the more common Model Bs and Cs and Supermatics.  On Sunday we saw a Model C-S for sale.  The proud owner was asking $10,000 for this rare piece.  He got to take it back home with him.
Our next gathering is the MVACA show in Kansas City Missouri the last weekend of July.  John Carter the tallest guy in the photo is hosting.  Jerry Watson hosts the HSCA Western Regional in Portland, Oregon August 24-25.  The HSCA annual meeting will be in Billings, Montana September 6-8. It will be hosted by Jim Gray.  He always sets a fine table for the banquet and a serious display of High Standards at the show as well.
L to R:  John Carter,  Jon Miller, Dave Lehman, and Ken Rabeneck
In the words of Ken Rabeneck, "Whenever we get together we always have a good time."