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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Springtime in Tulsa

The World's Largest Gun Show was graced by the presence of over a dozen HSCA members and their family members.  Ken Rabeneck displayed and manned the HSCA table where John Hanks usually holds court.  John Missed this show.  Ken displayed a variety of older high Standard pistols and memorabilia including patches and printed material.  He received lots of attention from his display.
John Brewer and his cousin Bob Brewer were set up on the lower level as far from everybody as possible.  As ever a clever wit and raconteur of ribaldry, he pleased the crowd.  He also had several High Standard and other pistols for sale on his table.  The Brewers are the Improvisational mainstay of the lower level.
Besides Ken, Gary Balaz, John (probably our next newsletter editor) Carter, Warren and Julia Joyce, Dave and Liz Lehman, Stan Tieferman, Ken's brother Jimmie and his wife and Jon Miller scoured the show for bargains.
We ate at the legendary White River Fish Market on Thursday and Saturday because it is that good.  On Friday we dined at Margaret's german restaurant.  Lots of stories and information were passed around during dinner.
There were many High Standard pistols, rifles and derringers on the sale tables.  The older models like the H-D and H-E were well represented as well as the more common Model Bs and Cs and Supermatics.  On Sunday we saw a Model C-S for sale.  The proud owner was asking $10,000 for this rare piece.  He got to take it back home with him.
Our next gathering is the MVACA show in Kansas City Missouri the last weekend of July.  John Carter the tallest guy in the photo is hosting.  Jerry Watson hosts the HSCA Western Regional in Portland, Oregon August 24-25.  The HSCA annual meeting will be in Billings, Montana September 6-8. It will be hosted by Jim Gray.  He always sets a fine table for the banquet and a serious display of High Standards at the show as well.
L to R:  John Brewer,  Jon Miller, Dave Lehman, and Ken Rabeneck
In the words of Ken Rabeneck, "Whenever we get together we always have a good time."

Thursday, May 9, 2019

NRA 2019 Indianapolis


NRA 2019 Indianapolis

John Stimson represented our group with his collection of High Standard Olympics.  The title was "High Standard Olympic Models, A Model Requested By The NRA.  Each one was a different variant starting with the Olympic Lever Series through the 1980 ISU Commemorative.  The competition was stiff this year and we did not receive any awards, but if you know anything about High Standard Pistols, you feel lucky to have seen so many variations of the Olympic Model in one place.
We had several members stop by the booth as well as many visitors telling me about their experiences with High Standard Guns.  I always enjoy seeing all the exhibits at the NRA Annual Meeting and this year was no exception.



Thursday, April 4, 2019

Jon Miller Wins Best of Show, AGCA Birmingham, AL

HSCA scored again at Birmingham
Jack Page’s invitation to HSCA to return and display at the Alabama Gun Collectors Association Spring show in Birmingham, Alabama really paid off.  We were awarded “Best of Show” for the “High Standard OSS Pistols display.  That was quite and honor and truly a surprise.
The display showed the evolution of the OSS suppressed pistol from the Model B and Model HD through the P-380 prototype.  The top row contrasted a pristine Model H-D set beside an issued USA Model HD to show the contrasts.  Below that sat a pair of original USA Model HD M/S (Military/Silenced) pistols showing both cartouches and ordnance acceptance marks.  The serial number “1” prototype .25 caliber cutaway occupied the third row alone.  The bottom row had a Model B M/S and the prototype Model P-380.

Handouts explained the guns on display, High Standard’s contributions to WWII and the USA Model HD M/S evolution and function.  There was also a video of the M/S being fired to demonstrate the report.
The display drew lots of attention and favorable comments from show visitors.

Thanks to everybody who made this display possible including John Brunner, Charlie Petty, Ken Rabeneck and especially HSCA member Jack Page.
The President and Board of AGCA issued a warm and standing invitation to HSCA to return and display at future shows.

Click on the photo to see original size.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Roger Ash High Standard Collection for Sale

10X-3 Model 10X, Serial # ML84299 with 5 1/2” Bull barrel, papers, Muzzle brake, box and 3 magazines built by Master Gunsmith Karl DeCerbo, 99% Condition!

SK-1 Model 103 Sport King, Serial #2148377 with 6 3/4” Barrel, MMC adjustable Rear Sight and High Standard box labeled “GI Pistol” 99% Condition!

BBT-7 – Model 104 Trophy – Serial # 1333588 with 7 1/4” Fluted Barrel, (large & small) barrel weights and muzzle brake 99% +++ Condition (Gorgeous Pistol!) in an absolutely beautiful blonde wood Presentation Box! SALE PENDING!

CBT-5 Model 103 Trophy Serial #1263434, with 5 1/2” Bull barrel and High Standard Box.
99% Condition! “Hard to find in this condition”

For more information call or email John Rohde at 931-220-5832 jrrcflyer@charter.net. John can email photo's of Rogers collection with asking price as requested

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Just a reminder to members.  2019 dues are due now.  If you have sent them in, now would be a good time.  I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 3, 2018

High Standard Bibliography

NOTE:  The other day, a fellow High Standard collector and I were discussing books that have information useful in our search for H S pistols.  Toward that end, I prepared the following list for him.  I thought it might be useful to other people.
Jerry Watson

High Standard Automatic Pistols 1932-1950 by Charles Petty...The Gun Room Press
This is the quintessential beginning primer on all the early models.  Some minor numerical errors as to quantities, but a very good source for information that is not available elsewhere.  Most of the later books and magazine articles quote Charles Perry's quantities, dates and factory information.

The Hi-Standard Pistol Guide by Burr Leyson...Duckett's Publishing
This was written by a gunsmith covering the early models, 1932 through 1953.  This writing contains good background information on the different models with the best illustrations, gunsmithing procedures, repair discussions, and tuning information available on High Standard semi-automatic pistols.  Before you try to fix it, you must read this book first.

Hi-Standard Autoloading Pistols 1951-1984 by Jim Spacek
Hi-Standard Pistols & Revolvers 1951-1984 by Jim Spacek
There were actually three different books written by Spacek.  All were short on written descriptions, but contained copies of lists, diagrams, pictures and previously printed information.  Much of it is from catalogs, and the paperwork that came in the original pistol boxes. There are lists of the different models along with quantities, catalog numbers, and other useful information.

High Standard, A Collector's Guide to the Hamden & Hartford Target Pistols by Tom Dance …Andrew Mowbray Publishers
This is the quintessential primer and the best guide to the later model High Standards.  It has some minor errors, but is the only source for the Supermatic series, Models 101 through 104 and the Military grip guns.  It contains much discussion about the individual models and some factory background.

U.S. Handguns of World War II by Charles W. Pate...Andrew Mowbray Publishers
This is a great book with an excellent section on High Standards made for the military: Model B, Model USA H-D and the USA H-D MS.  There are great pictures and detailed discussions.  This book allows the reader to make comparisons between High Standard pistols and those manufactured by the other U.S. firearms manufacturers.

U.S. Military Match Pistols and Marksmanship Automatic Pistols by Bill Jenkins...Andrew Mowbray Publishers
Bill is a Florida gunsmith who has put together an excellent reference that includes all the High Standards ever used by the U.S. Military in their marksmanship programs.  This includes the post war model High Standards, as well as the WW II guns.  This book allows the reader to make comparisons between High Standard pistols and those manufactured by the other U.S. firearms manufacturers.

OSS Weapons II second edition by Dr. John W Brunner, Ph.D...Philips Publishers
This reference has lots of information and pictures of the High Standard Model USA H-D MS (military silenced) which is more than any other source that I have found.  Besides being the best source of information on the USA H-D MS, all the other gadgets and armaments designs used by thee OSS are very interesting and worth the read.

Friday, November 16, 2018

HSCA Annual Meeting and Show, Birmingham, AL

The HSCA held its annual meeting in conjunction with the Alabama Gun Collectors Association gun show in Birmingham, Alabama, October 13 and 14, 2018.  This was the first time the HSCA participated in a show in Alabama.  HSCA member Jack Page hosted the show and dinner for the HSCA.  The display tables were provided free of charge to our association members.  This was a fairly modest show by our members.  Ken Rabeneck displayed High Standard memorabilia and papers, and other interesting items.  Jon Miller (aka Mr. Crusader) displayed his phenomenal collection of Crusader engineering samples, pre-production samples, sales samples, and production revolvers. 

The highlight for the members was having Dick Baker attend the show with us.  He was an engineer at High Standard for many years.  We enjoyed hearing about the workings of High Standard in those days, and he had a lot of stories to tell.  We learned interesting things concerning the design and production of the Crusader revolvers.  One thing I did not know before was that the Crusader project turned out to be not profitable for the company, and thus the life of the project was not long. 

We had the annual meeting during the gun show on Saturday, and after the show we went to a local BBQ restaurant for a nice meal and discussion time with the members.  Dick Baker spent a good deal of time answering questions and talking about his time at High Standard. 

Advertising items.
Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Ken Rabeneck's display of memorabilia and
related items.

High Standard patches. etc.
High Standard catalogs and papers.
Members in attendance:
Seated, Wayne Davis, Dick Baker
Standing:  Ken Rabeneck, Jack Page, Jon Miller,
Dave Lehman, Tom Horner, and Tom Bolander


Jon Miller's Crusader display


Salesman sample
Dick Baker with the Crusader revolvers




Friday, August 17, 2018

2018 Northwest Regional HSCA Meet, August 11th and 12th

The 2018 Northwest Regional Meeting was a very successful endeavor attended by ten of our members and one friend. A number of other HSCA members stopped by to say hello. The assembled members were in total agreement to expand our show for next year, so Jerry requested more tables in the application for that show. The Oregon Arms Collectors Gun Show is an excellent venue for the HSCA as sale table offerings and exhibits are limited to only “Collectible and Antique fire arms”.  Several people picked up applications for membership from our Membership Table.
Display Awards went to the following: Bill Riebe, Best of Show, for his Early Guns; Garry Hooper, Most Educational Display Award; and Bert Markel, Judges Choice Award for his display of Olympics. As can be seen in the images, the other High Standard displays were excellent, and this had the judges scratching their heads to make their decisions with only three awards to give.

Click on the Photos for Larger Images
Pat Batten left and Bill Riebe from Bosie, ID, displayed early auto's.
Bert Markel left from Des Moines, WA, and Greg Markel form Bellingham, WA, displayed their Olympics.

Garry Hooper from Montague, CA, displayed auto pistols.

Jerry Watson from  Salem, OR, displayed Standard Grip Models 102, 103, & 104.

Marcia Mighell and Larry Vallard from South Beach, OR,  manned the New Members table.

Mike Gallion and his race guns from Clinton, WA.

Pair of 1972 Olympic Commemoratives displayed by Bert Markel.

Smokey Grant from Sweet Home, OR, displayed revolvers & derringers.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

MVACA Show in Kansas City, MO, July 28th and 29, 20018

The annual Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Show was attended by several High Standard Collectors' Association members.  The displays by our members were outstanding.  We talked to many people about High Standard firearms and we had a good time.  The thing that I always feel when viewing the displays is gratitude for the dedication and perseverance of each collector.  These displays show guns that one would never be able to see in person without the collectors' efforts.  I applaud each one for their dedication to this association.  Doran Houk, Jon Miller, and Dan Rathgeber were each awarded Judge’s Choice plaques for their displays.  Congratulations to them.

 The dinner on Saturday evening at Nick and Jake's was attended by members and spouses.  We discussed a number of topics, but spent most of the time talking about High Standards and collecting. 

Note on the photos:  Click on a photo to see a larger image.

Dave Lehman's display was of cased percussion revolvers.  He had the most complete set of revolvers I have seen in one display.  These guns are the .36 caliber cap and ball reproductions of Confederate models made by various companies during the Civil War.  Most of the parts for the guns were made by Uberti in Italy, but the frames and finish work were done by High Standard. 

Bicentennial Commemorative

Percussion Revolvers
Schneider & Glassick

 Griswold & Gunnison,
Leech & Rigdon

Ken Rabeneck's display showcased the 10-X pistols assembled by Bob Shea.  Another nice group of pistols.

Full view
Texas 10-X pistols by Bob Shea
Bob Shea Commemorative 10-X
Conn. 10-X pistols by Bob Shea

Jon Miller's display highlighted the High Standard Crusader revolver development process.  His display was a tremendous selection of firearms that showed the creation of the revolvers, the production effort, and the end products.  These are beautiful creations and well worth collectors consideration for additions to their collections.

Jon showing his display

Many special firearms

Salesmen's sample
The only engraved 6.5 inch Crusader

Jon and his salesmen's
sample revolver

Nice pairs of .44 Mag and .45 Colt revolvers
Note the serial numbers

Dan Rathgeber's display was a complete review of .22 short pistols made by High Standard from the 1930s to the 1970s.  This display showed a wide range of the styles of pistols from plinking and pest control models to Olympic competition models.   
.22 Short pistols

The Model C
The Flite King

Doran Houk's display was a nice overview of the types of target pistols produced by High Standard over the decades.  High Standard target pistols ruled the Bullseye firing lines for decades.

Early guns

Post WWII guns

Table items
I hope to see more members at the HSCA annual meeting in conjunction with more displays at the gun show in Birmingham, Alabama, in October.

Monday, July 9, 2018

HS Collectors Portland Oregon NW Regional Meeting - DATE CHANGED

The High Standard Collectors Association Portland Oregon NW Regional Meeting dates were changed a while back, and not everyone got the news. To avoid conflict with another big show, the Oregon Arms Collectors Gun Show and the HS Collectors Portland Oregon NW Regional Meeting were moved from August 25th and 26th, 2018, to August 11th and 12th, 2018. When I tried to book a room at the Airport Holiday Inn Express on the old dates there was a problem, but with the correct dates, it all worked out just fine.

August 25th and 26th, 2018

August 11th and 12th, 2018

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Latest News On High Standard Company

Email from Jim Gray (Thursday, June 28): 

Please let the group know that HS has moved to Montana and intends meet all orders. 

The new address is

High Standard
 P O Box 547 
Fairfield, MT 59436 


Friday, January 26, 2018

Bob Shea Commemorative 10-X Victor

High Standard is producing a limited run of 10-X Victor style pistols commemorating the life of Bob Shea, one of the master gunsmiths with High Standard in Connecticut and with High Standard Mfg. Co. of Houston, TX.  Bob was a highly regarded gunsmith and produced around 184 10-X pistols while working in HS, Conn.  When High Standard in Houston, TX, began producing pistols in the early 1990s, Bob assembled a number of 10-X pistols for them over the years.  The 10-X pistols he worked on commanded a premium price over the normal 10-X pistols made in Houston.  He passed away January 4, 2015, at the age of 89, and High Standard decided to produce a limited number of 10-X pistols to commemorate his work.  These pistols were initially only offered to High Standard Collectors' Association members, however High Standard is now offering these to non-members as well.  There will be no more than 89 pistols made in this series.

I received my pistol today.  It has the optional Nickel Boron Nitride coating instead of the standard phosphate coating.  The controls are gold colored.  Otherwise, it is finished in the 10-X mode of matte black metal with black ambidextrous grips.  The barrel is etched on the right side with Bob Shea's signature and the limited edition numbering.  The magazine also has Bob's signature etched on it.  There is no barrel weight with this gun.

The pistol is shipped in a white cardboard box with a test target, instruction booklet, warranty card, Bob Shea 10-X patch, sticker, letter of authenticity, and a can cozy. 

The pistol is nice looking and appears to be well made.  The trigger pull is typical of High Standard target models, with a trigger pull weight of about 2.5 pounds.