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Saturday, July 4, 2020

2020 HSCA Annual Meeting Cancelled

The 2020 HSCA Annual Meeting held in conjunction with MVACA July 25-26, 2020, Kansas CityMO HAS BEEN CANCELED. Plan on attending the 2021 HSCA annual meeting in DenverCO in May, 2021.


The HSCA Western Regional High Standard Collectors Gun Show August 22-23, 2020 held in conjunction with the Oregon Arms Collectors annual two day show in Portland HAS BEEN CANCELED.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

High Standard Ship Dates

Steven Schrott says he will look up ship dates for High Standard Pistols from the factory records for HSCA members.

Send an email with the full serial  # , full description and Series (Letter, 101,102,106) and he will respond anytime. 

The email address will be sshistand65@gmail.com.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Proposed Constitiution and By-Laws


This is a draft of revisions to the Constitution and By-laws of the High Standard Collectors' Association.  Members should contact Jerry Watson with suggestions for changes or improvements. 

Note: some images are not included due to the limitations of this program, but they do not affect the wording.

Ratified January 15, 1995

Amended December 15, 2003

Reviewed and Revised   2020



As adopted January 15, 1995

Amended December 15, 2005

Reviewed and Revised 2020



As adopted January 15, 1995

Reviewed and Revised 2020





 The name of this Organization shall be:



            The objectives of this Organization shall be:

 1)                  To establish a permanent non-profit organization to promote                   friendship among collectors and for those interested in the collection, possession, and use of High Standard firearms and their accessories and related materials.

2)                  To provide a means of exchanging knowledge among High Standard collectors.

3)                  To establish an annual meeting for members and guests with an emphasis on a convenient and quality location where:

a)                  HSCA business may be conducted.

b)                  Members may display arms and accessories and exchange such arms and accessories in accordance with local and national laws.

c)                  Members may assist each other in locating and acquiring arms and accessories of the types which interest them most.


1)                  To establish, uphold and promote the highest ethical standards in our activities.



1)                  Membership in the High Standard Collectors’ Association shall be open to all persons having no criminal record and having an interest in the collection, possession, preservation, use and study of High Standard firearms, accessories, memorabilia and related history.

2)                  Any member may be suspended for a fixed or indefinite period or have their membership terminated by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.




1)                  The officers shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, each of whom shall perform the duties of that particular office. Officers may hold more than one office, except the President may not also be Vice President.  Should no nominations be received for the offices of Secretary and/or Treasurer those positions may be filled by a director on a voluntary basis or appointments made by the Board of Directors.







1)                  Each member shall have one vote on any question presented to the membership at any meeting or ballot.  Members must be present or return their ballot or e-mail to vote.


2)                  A Board of Directors shall be elected by the membership. The Board of Directors shall consist of the regularly elected officers, and additional elected or appointed members.  The Board of Directors shall determine questions of policy and meet upon call of the president or as otherwise provided in the Bylaws. 

3)                  The positions of Publications Director and Membership Director are appointed as Directors in consideration of the work involved in their jobs. These appointments must be confirmed by the other officers and directors. For good cause shown, an Officer or Director may be removed by the affirmative vote of not less than 2/3s of the Directors.


4)                  There shall be a standing Executive Committee consisting of President and Vice President. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to authorize expenditure of up to $1000.00 for any single purpose without approval of the Board of Directors.


5)                  There shall be a standing Nominating Committee consisting of those elected Directors whose terms are not expiring with the next election


6)                  The President shall at their discretion appoint such Ad Hoc committees as may be necessary or desirable to achieve the objectives of this organization.







1)                  Officers and directors shall be nominated by the membership and the Nominating Committee and shall be elected by balloting conducted by U.S. Mail.  Each Officer and Director shall assume office June 1st.  Directors shall serve staggered terms of three years.


2)                  Vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be filled by election by the remaining Board of Directors. The election of a replacement Director by the Board of Directors shall be for the unexpired vacated term.







1)                  There shall be at least one Board meeting of the membership each year unless otherwise determined by the Board of Directors.







1)                  Dues will be levied and become payable January 1st of each year.  The amount of dues and initiation fee (if any) shall be set by the Board of Directors.








1)                  Rules for the safety and benefit of the membership have been and will be established by the Board of Directors.  Failure to comply with these rules

and regulations MAY result in suspension or cancellation of membership.







1)                  The voting members present at any meeting and ballots, including e-mail received by the deadline date totaling not less than (7%) seven percent of the total membership shall constitute a quorum.







1)                  The Board of Directors may enact such Bylaws, Safety Rules and Permitted Exhibit Rules as it deems necessary and appropriate, not inconsistent with the Constitution.







1)                  Dissolution of the High Standard Collectors’ Association shall be initiated by an affirmative membership vote of 51% of eligible members.  It must then be enacted by the Board of Directors.

2)                   In the event of dissolution of HSCA all assets, after payment of debts and return of funds held in escrow, will be donated to nonprofit, tax exempt firearms oriented organization(s). The recipient of the assets shall be determined by the Board of Directors.










1)                  This Constitution may be amended, altered or repealed at any meeting of the membership by the affirmative vote of a majority of members voting. The HSCA Constitution, By-laws and Rules are available on the HSCA Blog website and should be reviewed by all members ANNUALLY.  


2)                  Any proposed amendment to this Constitution may be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing or e-mail by any member in good standing. The proposal must be approved by the Board of Directors before being voted upon by the general membership at any regular meeting, written ballot or e-mail.


3)                  Amendment proposals disapproved by the Board of Directors, may be appealed by submission to the general membership for an override vote. Appeals petitions must be presented in the following manner:


A)            written copy of the proposed amendment(s) must be mailed or e-mailed to each HSCA member for endorsement. Notice shall be deemed received if notice is deposited in the United States Postal Service addressed to the address of record furnished by each member.

B)           Endorsing signatures of not less than thirty-three per cent of (33%) of members must be received by the President at least 20 days prior to the next membership meeting.  The proposal MUST then be placed on the agenda for a membership vote at that meeting.

C)           Proposal must pass by an affirmative simple majority quorum vote to be enacted.






1)                  This amended Constitution shall become effective immediately upon receiving an affirmative vote by the majority of voting members.


As Adopted January 15, 1995

Amended 2020




1)                  Membership is obtained by application on a standard form for that purpose furnished by the Association.  The completed form must be forwarded to the Membership Director along with a full year’s dues. Incomplete forms may cause delay or rejection of membership application.  Applications received after October 1st will effect membership for the following year.  All memberships shall run from January 1 to December 31 of each year.  The applicant will receive full refund of dues if application is rejected.

2)                  The names of applicants will be published in the HSCA Newsletter for examination by general members.  New members are considered to be probationary until 30 days have passed since the receipt of that Newsletter by the membership, and no objections have been filed.  The Board of Directors shall make judgment on the validity of any objection.                                                              
4)                  Any member may be suspended or terminated for a major violation of these By-laws, unethical business practices or felony conviction. The member must be given the opportunity to answer any charges either in writing to the President or personally appearing at the Board of Directors meeting.  The member must be notified by the President stating the charges at least 30 days prior to the initial hearing.  The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.  Dues paid for the current year by any terminated individual will be pro-rated and refunded.

5)                  Officers and Board Members are required to keep confidential all information and identities of people involved in the termination process.

 6)                  Members of HSCA must be law abiding citizens of their nation.  They must not be unethical, users of illegal substances or belong to any group considered to be terrorist or subversive.  They shall not belong to or support “hate” groups. Members must conduct themselves properly and deal fairly and equitably at all HSCA functions.
                                         ARTICLE II
1)                  Annual dues are payable on or before January first of each calendar year. Reminder Notification is made in the last newsletter of each year. If payment is not received by the 31st of January of the new year, a member may not attend a membership meeting or receive other member benefits until their dues are current. 

2)                  If payment is not received by March 31st, the member’s name will be purged from the files. 

3)                  Membership may be reinstated by payment of TWO (2) years dues before the 31st of December of same year.

4)                  Following that the member cannot be reinstated, but must reapply for membership.  A member is responsible for timely payment of dues whether or not they are notified by HSCA.

5)                  Dues of those whose membership has been in effect for at least one year may be paid in advance.  One-year dues are $30 USD.  Life membership is $500 USD.

6)                   Dues are subject to change by action of the Board of Directors.  Dues for one year are refundable only if application is rejected or a membership is terminated for cause.  Make all payments by check payable to HSCA—No cash please.  Mail checks to HSCA membership chairman.




1)                  The elected officers shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Board of Directors may appoint the Secretary and/or Treasurer if there are no nomination or volunteers from the membership. Publication Director and Membership Director are voluntary offices appointed by the elected Board. The term of Officers is one year without term limit.

2)                   All officers must be members in good standing and current on HSCA dues.

3)                  Officers may disburse HSCA funds for reasonable HSCA expenses including but not limited to club expenses, supplies and fees.

4)            Reimbursement is dependent upon presentation to the Treasurer of
bone-fide receipt.

5)                  Officers may be terminated for failure to perform duties of their office, not complying with HSCA’s By-laws or unexcused absences from meetings.  Any Officer may be removed from office by a majority action of the Board of Directors.  Resigning Officers, Officers whose term has expired and Officers who have been removed from office shall turn over to one of the new officers all material, money, valuables and records belonging to the HSCA within ten (10) days of transition or removal from office.  In the event of termination, resignation or death of an Officer, the position shall be filled for the remainder of their current one-year term by appointment of the Board of Directors. 

6)                  PRESIDENT: The President shall be the chief executive officer of the organization.  The President shall have authority, under the direction of the Board of Directors, to direct the work of the organization, to supervise the activities of all other officers and to represent the organization in any matter. Subject to the Constitution, he/she may appoint such standing or special committees as may be necessary or desirable and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.  The president shall work creatively to promote HSCA, increase membership and improve the quality of all aspects of HSCA.  He/she shall call meetings with the other Officers and Directors selecting time and place of meeting convenient to all other Officers and Directors.  He/she shall preside at all meetings of the members, and do and perform such other duties as shall be required by the Board of Directors.  He/she shall be the HSCA spokesperson on all matters of policy and render decisions on any dispute arising from HSCA activities. The President may appoint all Ad-Hoc committee members subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.  The President may enforce the By-laws at meetings and HSCA functions, or appoint a Sergeant at Arms to do so. 

7)                  VICE PRESIDENT:  The Vice President shall carry out the duties of the President in their absence.  The Vice President shall closely coordinate the planning of HSCA events. He/she shall jointly originate and schedule all events at the annual meeting, shows and other HSCA functions. The Vice President, or their delegate, shall be responsible for the procurement of display awards for the Annual Show.  It will be his/her duty to present awards or appoint a person to present at the annual show.  He/she shall appoint the Show Chairman each year to assist during the show. He/she shall select display judges and instruct in the rules and methods used in judging.  He/she will determine the winners of each award by using and maintaining the score sheets turned in by the judges, at the end of the judging.  If the Vice President has a display for judging at the show, He/she should distance Him/her self from the judging and the presentation of awards, by appointing other members to do these duties.

8)                  PUBLICATION DIRECTOR:  The Publication Director is responsible for producing and mailing a periodic newsletter to all members.  He/she shall be responsible for photography at the show and general publicity.

9)                  MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR:  The Membership Director shall receive membership applications, updated forms from members, dues checks and maintain a computer data base for membership information.  This information will then be made available to the Publication Director and other Officers.  A yearly membership listing will be produced each Spring.  All member information shall be considered confidential and shall therefore, not be made public, circulated outside the club or sold to third parties. 

10)              SECRETARY:  The Secretary shall keep minutes of all proceedings of the meetings of the membership and of Board of Directors and shall certify all such minutes. He/she shall transmit to each Officer and member of the Board of Directors a copy of the minutes of all meetings.  They shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to them.

11)              TREASURER:  The Treasurer shall be custodian of all monies and funds belonging to the organization and all disbursements of monies and funds. All disbursements of moneys and funds shall be regulated and controlled by the duly elected Officers.  The Treasurer shall keep an up to date written or computer record of all financial transactions, give a report at meetings and submit his records for annual review or formal audit by a licensed accountant as requested by the Board of Directors.

                                    ARTICLE IV
                                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

1)                  The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected Officers above, plus three (3) additional Directors at large, to be elected by the membership. The three (3) Directors are elected to staggered three-year terms.  All Directors must be members and current on their dues. In addition, Honorary Directors may attend meetings of Officers and Directors, but have no vote.

2)                  The Board of Directors shall determine all questions of policy and be the governing of HSCA.  The Board shall meet on the call of the President or Vice President, or upon call of the majority of the Board members.

3)                   One half of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum.

4)                  Directors may be terminated for failure to perform duties, not complying with HSCA By-laws, failure to attend meetings, failure to perform within the best interests of HSCA or engage in unethical or criminal activities.  Any Director may be terminated by a majority action of the Board of Directors, or by a special recall vote petitioned by 25% of the membership and confirmed by a majority vote of the membership. Resigned/terminated Directors must turn over to a remaining Officer or Director all material, money, valuables and records belonging to the HSCA within ten (10) days after notice of termination.

5)                  In the event of the termination, resignation or death of a Director, that position may be filled for the remainder of their current one-year, two-year, or three-year term by an appointment of the Board of Directors, or remain empty, if a regular election is imminent.

6)                  The President shall only vote when necessary to break a tie.

                                          ARTICLE V

1)                  Elections of Board of Directors and Officers shall be conducted annually.

2)                  All nominations shall be in writing or e-mail and must be supported by a written letter or e-mail from another current member agreeing to second the nomination.  All nominees shall accept that nomination in writing or e-mail.  All nominations must be received by the nominating Committee by January 15th.

3)                  The Election Committee, comprised of the Board Members not up for re-election,) shall furnish a list of vetted nominees, taken from current membership list of names. These names will be included as a separate ballot form in the first Newsletter after January 15th.  Members vote by mailing their completed ballot form to the Election Committee.  The Election Committee shall then count the ballots and announce the results to the Publication Chairman for inclusion in the first newsletter after the election.  Newly elected Officers and Directors shall assume their office on June 1st.

4)                  All candidates and voting members must be current on their HSCA dues.


                                              ARTICLE VI

1)                  At least one meeting shall be held each year.

2)                   All discussions of old and new business shall be limited to no more than ten (10) minutes per item.  Items on the agenda submitted to the President or Secretary prior to the meeting, will be given preference to any item submitted during the meeting.

                                        ARTICLE VII

1)                  The Board of Directors shall establish and review rules pertaining to safety and permitted exhibits at sanctioned HSCA shows.  They shall also provide for enforcement and appropriate penalties for anyone in violation.

2)                  The Rules shall be published as a Rules Appendix to these By-Laws and shall be in two parts.  One shall be called the Safety Rules.  The other shall be called the Rules of Permitted Exhibits.

3)                  All rules shall be adapted or amended upon the affirmative vote of the majority of members of the Board of Directors.

4)These rules shall also be posted on the HSCA blog website. 




1)                  These By-Laws may be amended, altered or repealed at any meeting of the Board of Directors by the affirmative vote of the majority of the Board of Directors.  No amendment shall be acted upon unless twenty (20) days written notice, together with a copy of the proposed amendment, shall be given to each member of the Board of Directors. 

2)                  Notice shall be deemed to have been received if notice thereof has been deposited in the United States Postal Service, addressed to the address of each Director.




1)                  All Officers are entitled to immediate reimbursement of money spent directly for authorized operating expenses of the organization.  Officers may not be reimbursed for labor, meals, lodging, travel expenses or cost of show sales tables connected with a regular meeting, show or other HSCA function. 




1)                  HSCA Officers and members may engage in attempting to influence legislation as individuals as is their right under First Amendment to the United States Constitution. They must not, however present themselves as representing the HSCA or its membership at large.

                                   ARTICLE XI


1)                  Each spring, HSCA shall publish a membership roster of all members.  This list shall include the name, address and telephone/fax numbers. Only “public” address as stated on the membership form and update form, shall be published. Other information about a particular member will be supplied only with the written permission of that member.  Members may request that their address and telephone numbers be omitted from the Membership List.  All names will be published.  The Membership List will be distributed to the Publication Chairman and Officers upon compilation. An electronic version of the Membership list will be available to those members who request it only upon approval of the Membership Director.   




1)                  These By-Laws and any future amendments shall be presented to the Board of Directors for vote at any regular meeting and shall become effective immediately upon the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors.



As Adopted January 15, 1995

Amended 2020






1)                  Any show held by HSCA alone, shall be deemed a “High Standard Only Show”.

Items allowed to be exhibited at such a show are as follows:


a)                  Firearms and other items manufactured by or for High Standard, or manufactured by Hartford Arms or their predecessors.


b)                  Items such as cases or holsters that are considered to be accessories to High Standard items.


c)                  Books, catalogs, advertising and pamphlets about High Standard firearms or products.



1)                  Other collectible firearms and items may be brought into the show, but must be in a special non-High Standard area, which is restricted in size.



2)                  Any show held by HSCA in conjunction with another show will be considered as an “open show”.  Any items may be displayed on the tables of members. However, if there is a specific HSCA section in an open show, then the members displaying in that section must have at least 75% of their table dedicated to High Standard items as outlined in section 1.



3)                  Guidelines for selection of judges:


A)                Must not have display in the competition, or not judge their own display.


B)                Must have knowledge and experience in High Standard collecting.




1)                  The rules of “open shows” will be determined by the overall show organizer.


2)                  The rules for “High Standard Only” shows are as follows:


a)                  Each exhibitor shall be responsible for their firearms and must have checked each one to insure it is unloaded before entering the show.


b)                  Semi-automatic weapons available for public to handle must be secured to prevent accidental discharge. Magazines should be removed to prevent theft at owner’s discretion. This section does not apply to new cased commemoratives, boxed cased guns, or guns affixed to a display board.


c)                  No gunpowder, unsecured or loose ammunition, explosives, flammable material, primers or gas shell may be brought into the show.  Full Ammunition boxes with live rounds inside used in the display should be enclosed in clear wrapping.


d)                 No pet animals may be brought in to the show without prior approval of the Show Chairman.


e)                  All non-exhibitors must have their firearms checked by a security guard prior to entering show and comply with all other safety rules. ALL Firearms must be zip tied or have other provision so that they cannot be loaded.


f)                   The Show Chairman or any HSCA Officer may, at their discretion, enforce the removal of any item they deem hazardous to safety and/or security.


g)                  An exhibitor may be immediately expelled from the show if:


a)                  They refuse to comply with the rules after being reminded.


b)                  A loaded firearm is found in their area.


c)                  They are disorderly of otherwise disruptive to the show.


a)                  An expelled exhibitor, member or guest may appeal to the President for a Review by the Board of Directors. The decision of the board of Directors shall be final. The person expelled may reapply to enter the show after one year following the incident.


b)                  Each exhibitor is responsible for the security of their valuables and shall take reasonable precautions to prevent theft or damage to their firearms and others.